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A satisfying dry red wine that offers cherry overtones with characteristics of blackcurrant, plum, leather and vanilla.  Aged on American oak.  Pairs well with steak, sausage, or grilled foods.



A complex ruby colored wine with desirable notes of cherry, berry, black pepper and spice.  Take the time to appreciate its unique characteristics and quality.  Aged on French oak.  Pairs well with filet, prime rib or pasta.



A hybrid blend of Frontenac and Marquette grapes.  Fermented dry then aged on American and French oak.  A smoky, smooth, and satisfying wine.  Pairs well with red meat and pasta.



A dry red wine fermented and aged on French oak.  You will appreciate its deep garnet color and smokehouse aromas with earthy and coffee flavors.  Pairs well with red meat and cheeses.



This white wine is made from Cayuga grapes and fermented dry.  It has a slight floral aroma with a crisp citrus taste.  This wine pairs well with bread and cheese.


Vidal Blanc

A hybrid white grape fermented dry offers a crisp and clean fruit flabor with texture that provides a lovely balance.  Pairs well with cheeses, fish, shrimp, and poultry.





This semi dry white wine offers a floral scent along with fresh fruit aromas.  The flavor is rich with hints of honey and pear.  Pairs well with Asian, poultry and seafood dishes.



A semi dry white wine that is very fruit forward giving citrus flabors and floral nose.  This wine is rich on the palate with a lingering finish.  Pairs well with seafood or chicken.


Nature's Ink       

A semi dry red wine produced from Noiret grapes.  This distinctive red wine is richly colored and has notes of green and black pepper, with raspberry and mint aromas along with a fine tannin structure.  This can be served chilled or room temperature.




White Blossom

Three varietals blended together gives this white wine a smooth flavor of melon with lingering hints of orange on the finish.


Dark Rose'  

A semi sweet rose' wine with a rich, fruit forward (sometimes berry) flavor.  Pairs well with grilled meats, seafood, salads, pasta, and plenty of sunshine.  Best served chilled.





This sweet white wine tastes just like biting into a grape! 



Do you remember the purple wine that grandpa had hid out back that he let you have a sip of every once in a while?  We found his recipe! It's that good old Concord grape wine.



This wine is a sweet blend of red and white wine with a cherry finish.  This wine is perfect for any occasion (weddings, sunsets, or bonfires). 



Enjoy our raspberry blush wine!  A smooth wine with a fruity finish.  Reward yourself!  


Apple Blend

Locally grown apples make up this perfect blend of a light refreshing wine.  This wine can be served chilled or warmed with spices for a cool evening.



Imagine biting into a ripe, velvety peach!  A very delightful fruit wine.  It is bound to bring out that little smile in all of us.


Cool Mango 

Have a taste of the tropics with our refreshing crisp Apple Mango wine.  



A rich velvety sweet blackberry wine with an equally inviting bouquet.  Pairs well with any type of dark chocolate.




Warming Trend

Our unfiltered berry and grape port-like wine aged in bourbon barrels.




Tasting flights are offered daily.....either a 1 oz or 2 oz flight of five different varieties of wine.


We apologize but we do not offer tasting flights  after 4:30 pm on  Saturday nights or on event/music nights.

We also offer appetizers such as summer sausage, cheese blocks, cheese spreads, and crackers.

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The winery will be closed July 4th in observance of the holiday. Thank you!

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